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2008-04-18 13:38:20 by Vibrotherapy

Hi lol! I am MANAX, but I make music under Vibrotherapy. While I am interested in making music, videos, and games, I do not use flash, so only my music fits on Newgrounds. I am still somewhat getting used to making music electronically, and so I am somewhat suxx0rz, but I am improving. You can tell that by looking through my submissions in order of date. While I'm not very great yet, I think that before long, I will be a somewhat high quality music maker, if I continue gaining experience at this rate. I generally make a song every 1 to 2 days, but once I have gotten established into what I think I am doing, I will start putting more energy on making fewer songs of higher quality and greater length.

Should you need music for any game or animation, I would be more than willing to try to make it for you, but don't be dependant on me, cuz at this early stage in understanding music making, it very well may be crap.

Please rate and review my songs as to give feedback, which is highly valulable for coming to understand what other people do and do not like in music, so that I may learn to make it better.



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