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O hay gais

2008-11-04 15:26:02 by Vibrotherapy


O hay gais

Newgrounds is HILARIOUS!

2008-07-24 16:59:41 by Vibrotherapy

illtype: Shut up NOob! Get in the real world!! U R not welcom on NEWGRUNDS anymor!!
U Stupid PIG!!
Vibrotherapy: Well I'm obviously welcome on newgrounds, because I am still here. You are probably the only person who doesn't want me here, on all of newgrounds, because I generally keep to myself. Furthermore, since pigs can't successfully type, you are much more likely to be one than I am.
illtype: I can type 2 PIGGY! And you don't keep 2 URself because U send me PIG BOY MEssages!!111

See U in hell PIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111111111 1111111
Lol you are such a dumbass it's hilarious.
NO! U R Dumbass!!! U R STUPIS PIG!!!
GEt in the rreal world!!!! No body likes U!!!! U cant mayk FLASH !!!
Everyone in my village says U R a Stupis PIGBOY!!!!

Now wot ya gonna do?!?!? HA!!!!
Vibrotherapy: Rofl, you live in a village? And better yet, you told everyone in the village about me, and they agreed with your opinion on me? I just kinda find it hard to believe that there is an entire VILLAGE somewhere full of people that somehow manage to not only not kill you out of annoyance or hatred, but actually think the same thing as you. Furthermore, I find it hilairous that you insult me by saying that I can't make flash, when the flashes you make are some of the shittiest things on the face of the earth. My music would kick your flashe's ass any day, and I've been making music less than you've been doing flash. Meanwhile, before you decide to go and insult someone of an IQ that has 3 times as many digits as yours, why not try to learn how to spell? I don't see how or why you could have such horrible spelling and grammar. I mean, it's not like you only have 30 seconds to type your message - try to make it look at least somewhat presentable. No one's ever going to take you seriously if you don't know how to spell the words you're trying to say. That includes employers, because I am pretty sure you won't be getting a career out of your animation abilities any time soon. Once you can beat a garden hose in a math test, come back and try to insult me some more.
illtype: Nobody takes U seroisly!!! U R 1 of the worst PPL on Newgrunds!!!
I am getting better on FLASH and am making a Fram-b-Fram cartton!!!1 U R not!!!!
I told my neighbour about yo and he said you were a PIG!!!! U will never live that down!!!!
Y dont U try 2 grow up? Act UR age? U R probly 40 years old and R trying 2 upset me!!!!!!!!1
It will never work!!!!!! I am better than U on FLASH and am mayking a DUNDEE COLLAB!!!!!
It will be better than anything U Will ever do!!!!!#
I would only play UR music at the funeral of a PIG!! The PIG would come back 2 life just 2 turn off the speekers!!!

Once again U got OWMED""!!!!

Newgrounds is HILARIOUS!


2008-04-18 13:38:20 by Vibrotherapy

Hi lol! I am MANAX, but I make music under Vibrotherapy. While I am interested in making music, videos, and games, I do not use flash, so only my music fits on Newgrounds. I am still somewhat getting used to making music electronically, and so I am somewhat suxx0rz, but I am improving. You can tell that by looking through my submissions in order of date. While I'm not very great yet, I think that before long, I will be a somewhat high quality music maker, if I continue gaining experience at this rate. I generally make a song every 1 to 2 days, but once I have gotten established into what I think I am doing, I will start putting more energy on making fewer songs of higher quality and greater length.

Should you need music for any game or animation, I would be more than willing to try to make it for you, but don't be dependant on me, cuz at this early stage in understanding music making, it very well may be crap.

Please rate and review my songs as to give feedback, which is highly valulable for coming to understand what other people do and do not like in music, so that I may learn to make it better.